Exfoliate! Winter Skin Recovery

– Spring is that time of year when we come out of hibernation and reintroduce ourselves back into the world.  We slip off the heavy layers and start trying on our shorts, tshirts, and cute shoes.  We look in the mirror and BAM!  Our skin!  It’s been hiding all winter long and now we need to prep it for public viewing.

There are three steps we want to focus on in this article:

  1. Exfoliating the skin
  2. Moisturizing your freshly resurfaced skin
  3. Develop a daily routine

Begin by exfoliating the skin vigorously!

A deep body scrub from head-to-toe can really kick-start fresh looking skin.  Look for one that is rich in shea butter and essential oils to hydrate your skin while exfoliating it.  A deep exfoliation is recommended once or twice a week, depending on your skin type, but what about the rest of the week?  Daily exfoliation should be more gentle, but is important to keep skin revived.  We recommend Sunshine Valley Soap Company’s exfoliating soap line.  Our all natural soap for women is packed full of natural ingredients, essential oil fragrances, and plant based fats that work to restore the natural balance in your skin.

Essential Skin CareEssential Skin Care

Lotion is another essential practice to incorporate into your daily routine.

Applying it right after exfoliating in the shower or bath, helps lock in moisture to your freshly resurfaced skin.  Look for lotions that also contain natural ingredients that have been recommended for your skin type.  Lotions packed with shea butter, essential oils, and plant based fats tend to seep into the skin without a harsh chemical reaction.  This can leave a sleek skin appearance that you will want to show off.

Lastly, develop a daily skin routine.

We often think of skin care as the care of just our face.  That’s only around 3% of the entire skin surface of your body!  We need to pay attention and nurture the other 97%.  That’s why Sunshine Valley Soap Company developed a full all natural soap line to meet all your skin care needs.  From soothing soap for eczema , to hydrating goat milk soap, to detoxifying tea tree soap and even unscented soap, Sunshine Valley Soap Company has you covered.  Mixing in different bars of soap to meet the daily needs of your skin is what we are all for.  Check out the full line of Sunshine Valley Soap Company’s all natural bar soap products here.

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